GUTS. EP (2013 Demo)

by GUTS.

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First demos. Recorded early summer 2013.


released November 17, 2013



all rights reserved


GUTS. Lincoln, UK

Upcoming Dates:

4th August - Treaty Of Commerce, Lincoln

5th August - JoeFest, Horncastle

6th August - Light Aircraft Fest, Heckington

8th August - Santiagos, Leeds (Headline show)

10th August - Fighting Cocks, Kingston
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Track Name: Looce Pier (demo)
I've used up all my energy, trying to care
but I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck I'm doing here (looce pier)
I've used up all my oxygen, trying to breathe
with thousands of blanked out faces, just all
making one straight line

Well the stakes are getting higher in this city
and i'm pretty sure the kids are too
I think I've waited long enough
I've got nothing left to prove
There's robots living in this town, at least
that's not what I've been told
Kicking out, and getting bored and never growing old.

I'm so sick of people lying, sick of people trying
trying all the time, to get it right
thoughts of a generation, congratu-fucking-lations
outdone yourself this time, I hope you're proud

we know who we are.
Track Name: My Skateboard
My skateboard is my best friend
My skateboard is the new trend
My skateboard has super powers
My skateboard keeps me out for hours

My skateboard is TNT, I kick it around like it does to me
I kick it around when it puts me on my ass
no pain, no gain, I'm gonna be the best
the best that I can be, so far ahead,
that nobody will be there, to catch me
when I fall.

Your shorts are tight, your hair is slick
watch me now as I land this trick
getting kicked out? Just what I do

society is ugly and so are you.

my skateboard is my best friend
my skateboard makes me lose my head
my skateboard, it want's me dead
my skateboard it sucks dick.
Track Name: Spaced Out! (demo)
Everybody has a rise and fall
I've been there twice I've seen it all
once a quiet kid, way back when
maybe i'd have been better off dead

Spaced out, a takedown
and another cat out of the bag
face down, watch your fucking mouth
no I don't wanna be that kid again

that kid again

One by one I showed my teeth
and I climbed back to my feet
once a quiet kid, way back when
guess I thought that it'd never end
Track Name: Against The Wall (demo)
Shutting down on your own brain,
knowing that you're wasting time
I'm trying to see the way ahead but the sun is in my eyes
just as a process ends, a conclusion it gets reached
all the time you've wasted becomes more time that you need.

But it's gone, I know I can't go back there
the future they were talking about is here
you're all wrong! I'm going miles away from here
far away from you

thoughts inside the box are hard when you can't see what's inside
it's sad to know that you've gotten lost, inside your own mind
I roll my eyes around this place, to see what I can find
but what I want and what I really need is nowhere in sight

'Cause I'm lost, and you're all getting older
I struggle to make sense of all of this
I'll find out, what am I even here for
I know I'm not here for you

You've taken my whole life
and you've turned it into something I don't like
I don't think I can stand tall
so I'll just stay stood against
the wall.